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Casa Playa Veneros—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals
Los Veneros—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals
The Experience—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Casa Playa Veneros and the “personal host” experience.

Staying in Casa Playa Veneros comes with unequalled personal host concierge services. Your personal host is bi-lingual and can help with any activity or special requests. Your host will greet you at the Puerto Vallarta airport and introduce you to Casa Playa Veneros and the resort. Whether golf, surfing, fishing, canopy tours, dolphins or Marietas Island tours, we deliver maximum memory building days. We also offer complete shopping services that will stock supplies before you arrive. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and cater to your every whim and desire.

So enjoy the opportunity to have a multitude of experiences and discover new sensations. Relaxing in your own penthouse pool and witnessing every sunrise and sunset, you’ll know each day is followed by another day of new and unique experiences. Play the way you always dreamed of, surrounded by the peace of nature’s exquisite beauty, the best beaches in Punta Mita and the architecture that evokes it. Each day springs new beginnings and will be filled with unique moments that will recharge your energy.

The Activities

Each day will be filled with unique moments that will recharge your energy. Whether it's indoors or out, the list is almost endless. No matter what your age, energy or personality, the Nayarit Riviera, Puerto Vallarta and Los Veneros have something to offer.


Surfing—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

The beaches of the Mexican Pacific are among the most beautiful and ideal for the daring and impassioned fans that ride the waves on their surfboards. If you, too, have the desire to challenge the surf, you can do so in some of the most popular locations in the area, including Boca de Tomates, Playa de Oro, and of course the beach in front of Los Veneros that has one of the best breaks of the bay.

Kitesuf & Windsurf

Windsurf—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

To feel the ocean water as you walk in the sand is both pleasing and relaxing, but to feel that water as you skim atop it at dizzying speeds, hooked to a giant airfoil... that's something different. Or, if you'd prefer another way of powering your ride with the wind, you could choose a sail and go windsurfing. The beautiful beaches of the Nayarit Riviera in front of Los Veneros provide the perfect conditions for practicing these adrenaline-charging sports.

Diving & Snorkeling

Diving—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Certain environmental conditions are necessary for snorkeling and diving. And Banderas Bay has the perfect ecosystem for both, including a shallow clear coast, lukewarm waters and diverse marine vegetation. The most popular areas for practicing both sports are: Las Ánimas, Los Arcos, Quimixto, Punta de Mita, and the Marietas and El Morro islands. To dive or snorkel in Banderas Bay is to experience a fascinating underwater adventure where it's possible to see giant manta rays, turtles, dolphins and tropical fish.


Golf—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

In recent years, the world-class golf courses located amidst the exuberant tropical jungle framed by the Sierra Madre and the Pacific Ocean at Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita, have earned the special interest of golf lovers. Just a few minutes from Los Veneros, you will be able to select from diverse courses for play, including the noteworthy:



Vista Vallarta Jack Nicklaus
Course: 18 holes, par 72
Designer: Jack Nicklaus

Vista Vallarta Tom Weiskopf
Course: 18 holes, par 72
Designer: Tom Weiskopf

Paradise Village Golf Course "El Tigre"
Course: 18 holes, par 72
Designer: Robert Von Hagge

Flamingos Golf Course
Course: 18 holes, par 72
Designer: Percy J. Clifford

Marina Vallarta Golf Course
Course: 18 holes, par 71
Designer: Joe Finger

Mayan Resorts Golf Nuevo Vallarta
Course: 18 holes, par 71
Designer: Jim Lipe


Fishing—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

The great diversity of fish indigenous to Banderas Bay have made Puerto Vallarta one of the most attractive destinations for sport fishermen. In addition to sailfish and marlin, Puerto Vallarta's fishing includes red snapper, roosterfish, sea bass, dorado, swordfish, tuna and other species. Banderas Bay also features important fishing tournaments from November to May. Among the most important is the Puerto Vallarta International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament that has taken place since 1956 and today attracts sport fishermen worldwide.



Yachting—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Puerta Vallarta's marina provides all of the services, facilities and assistance needed for departing and arriving cruise ships and for boating and yachting. Various local marinas also provide opportunities for boat trips and excursions for getting to know the many beautiful corners of the bay accessible only by boat. Only 5 minutes away from Los Veneros, at the Cruz de Huanacaxtle, is "Marina Riviera Nayarit", the new landmark on Banderas Bay that will have close to 369 slips that will give form to a world-class complex.



Kayaking—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Settle into your seat, begin to paddle and get ready to know the most beautiful and least explored corners of Banderas Bay from the unique perspective that only kayaking can provide. The warm, crystalline waters of the bay are ideal for practicing this fascinating water sport that truly puts you in contact with nature.



Sailing—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Sailing on Banderas Bay is to have the opportunity to come into closer contact with nature as well as explore hidden beaches, sun yourself on deck, swim in crystalline waters and admire the sunset. Sailing along the coast of Puerta Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías, and Punta de Mita is an experience that enriches the spirit. Only 5 minutes away from Los Veneros, at the Cruz de Huanacaxtle, is Marina Rivera Nayarit, the new landmark on Banderas Bay that will have close to 369 slips that will give form to a world-class complex.


Tennis—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

To play a double match under blue skies at Punta de Mita, with the sea breeze refreshing your every movement is relaxing, competitive exercise - perfect for making new friends. At Los Veneros, lovers of this sport have professional courts at their disposal surrounded by lush gardens that offer a pleasing atmosphere for playing tennis.



Relaxation—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

If you prefer to escape the stress and pressure of everyday life, Los Veneros beach and Punta de Mita are the perfect location to rest and relax. As you lie on the soft sand, let the ocean waves lull you to sleep, or take the time to meditate in one of the exuberant and tranquil gardens.


Whale Watching

Whale Watching—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Every year, humpback whale migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica north to reproduce and raise their young in the warm waters of the Pacific. From the end of fall to the beginning of spring, hundreds of these wonderful creatures populate Banderas Bay. Observing them off the Mexican coast is a spectacular event worth taking advantage of.


The Amenities

Casa Playa Veneros puts you in contact with nature while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the comforts of a world-class residential and resort development. Whether it's to rest and relax, enjoy new flavors and smells or test your spirit of adventure, Los Veneros has something for everyone.

Beach Club

Beach Club—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

At the heart of this residential and resort development is the Beach Club. It promises to always offer something attractive and interesting for both residents and their guests. Be it a moment of total relaxation at the spa, a revitalizing exercise routine at the fitness center, a delicious meal accompanied by exotic drinks or sunning yourself in the chaises at one of the pools: The Los Veneros Beach Club is equipped with everything your need to relax, enjoy and have fun. The beach club will be managed professionally by a firm with exceptional hotel and tourism experience. The same firm will also manage the restaurants and bars, concierge, kayak rentals, snorkeling and surfing equipment, etc.


Spa—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

The Los Veneros Spa will be a destination on its own, a temple of relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation at the beautiful Banderas Bay. The spa will offer an extensive selection of facial and body treatments combining ancient rituals with modern techniques for bringing mind, body and spirit into total harmony. Choose from the silence and serene atmosphere of your own private space at the spa or a beach palapa with incredible views of the bay accompanied by the relaxing sound of the waves.

Fitness Gym

Fitness Gym—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

The fitness center at Los Veneros promises to fulfill the dreams of all fitness lovers. It will feature the most up-to-date equipment and technology, spacious and comfortable changing rooms, modern cardiovascular exercise options offering both strength training and stretching. At the fitness center at Los Veneros, you will find everything you need for vigorous revitalizing exercise that leaves you feeling more energetic.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Los Veneros will offer both residents and guests' professional tennis courts in luxurious gardens that create perfect fusion with the tropical vegetation. There's nothing like a good morning game with your partner or new acquaintances that are sure to become long-time friends.


Walking Trails

Walking Trails—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Los Veneros has miles of walking trails surrounded by exuberant gardens that spread out to the horizon in the tropical vegetation. The scenery invites long and enjoyable walks or jogging in an incomparable climate and enviable scenery.


Restaurants—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

The well-known cuisine of Puerto Vallarta is a part of the restaurants at Los Veneros. Whether it's at the gourmet restaurant or the casual eateries, diners will delight in all their senses. You'll enjoy the exotic aromas of the cuisine and delight your pallet with its delicious flavors all while feeling the sea breeze, hearing the sound of the birds and waves and marveling at the beautiful views of Banderas Bay.



Bar—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

It's the perfect place for drinks and enjoying good friendships while you take in the natural beauty of the Nayarit Riviera. At the Beach Club bar you will enjoy the flavor of delicious cocktails, listen to music and dance to the rhythms of a variety of festive music. At the Los Veneros bar, the fun begins as the sun sets.


Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Los Veneros lhas an exclusive boutique hotel with 80 luxurious guest suites. All of the suites are meticulously decorated with spectacular views of the bay and direct access to the beach club. The beauty of the surroundings and unequalled personal service will make your stay at Los Veneros a memorable experience you'll want to live over and over again.

Business Center

Business Center—Los Veneros Luxury Condo Rentals

Los Veneros offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle and stress of daily life. But we know there are occasions when it's necessary to make contact with the outside world. For that, Los Veneros offers a high-technology business center that will include: Printers, fax, copiers, high-speed Internet access and digital telecommunications. The business center also has a totally equipped meeting room as well as our professional support services covering all the needs of the center's users.

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